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Raw Shea Butter (Fair Trade)


Image of Raw Shea Butter (Fair Trade)

Our shea butter is certified FAIR TRADE -GRADE A Unrefined (organic). Produced by the shea queens in northern Ghana. Our butters are of the highest quality, for optimal performance on your skin.
Shea Butter can be used to provide deep moisture to extra dry skin. It can help to soothe the itching, and inflammation from eczema, and psoriasis. Great for sunburn, and also babies diaper rash, and much more.
It contains NO chemicals, additives, or colors. It has a light nutty scent to it. Ours is ivory/slightly yellow in color.

Great when used on damp skin after showering! Dry, hard heels and elbows? No worries, our shea will make even the driest skin soft and supple!

Melt shea in between hands before application for better glide.

Shea should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Avoid leaving in cars or hot areas, to keep shea from melting. If your shea should melt, simply stick it in the fridge until it solidifies.
Because of the natural nature of shea butter, it can vary in color and consistency, can sometimes be grainy, and can change slightly from batch to batch. If you see slight changes in your shea (ivory to yellowish) don't be alarmed, as this is normal.

It's 100% pure + vegan